Accomadating lenses

Accomadating lenses

Like the lens of a camera, the eye’s natural lens can change its focus and allow us to see objects up close, a process called “accommodation.” During cataract surgery, the natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens, and traditionally these artificial IOLs have been limited to allowing clear vision at only one distance.

This technology is known as a non-accommodating “monofocal” IOL.

This determines how well the eye can see in low light and how well it can distinguish objects from similarly colored backgrounds.

On the other hand, while Crystalens can accommodate to allow clear vision at different distances, the lens itself has a single focusing zone.

The disadvantage of these lenses is that as the limited space on multifocal IOLs must be divided into zones, some advantages of seeing through just one zone in single vision lenses are lost, such ascontrast sensitivity.

In clinical studies, 80% patients who underwent cataract surgery and received a Crystalens implant achieved 20/20 vision or better vision, which is impressive.

Find an Eye Doctor: Minneapolis Eye Doctor Kansas City Eye Doctor Eye Doctors St Louis Eye Doctor Las Vegas Edison Eye Doctor Forest Hills Eye Doctor Eye Doctor in New York City Columbus Eye Doctor Philadelphia Eye Doctor Eye Doctors Austin Eye Doctor Dallas Fort Worth Eye Doctor Eye Doctor Houston Seattle Eye Doctor Washington D. Eye Doctor Find a LASIK Surgeon: Lasik New York City Los Angeles Lasik Chicago Lasik Lasik Houston Philadelphia Lasik Lasik Phoenix San Diego Lasik eye Lasik San Francisco Dallas Lasik Lasik in San Jose Crystalens vs Monofocal Lens If you receive a standardmonofocal IOL during your cataract procedure instead of one that corrects presbyopia, you typically would have great distance vision but would needreading glassesto sharpen near vision.

Our surgeons will be able to discuss whether an accommodating IOL is the right choice for your visual needs.

Most of our physicians have sub-specialty fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, retinal disease and surgery, oculoplastics and cosmetics, and corneal and refractive surgery.

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Also, there are other side effects associated with Crystalens, such as astigmatism, which can happen if the lens shifts position in the eye during the healing process.

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